How to Play: Double Bubble slot Player Guide

How to Play Double Bubble Slots Guide

Today we have a How to Play Double Bubble Slots Guide prepared for you where we’ll run through the basics of playing this fantastic video slot game from Gamesys on any of the available bingo and casino sites.

Icon image of the Double Bubble slots gameBefore we begin it's worth noticing that this is a how to play guide for the truly beginners or those not familiar with Double Bubble slots at all. If you're a more experienced slot player, I suggest that you check out our Double Bubble Slot Review here where you can find comprehensive information on this popular game.

If, on the other hand, you're after the nitty-gritty of the game, you'd probably be interested in reading our  geeky review on Double Bubble Slot Payouts and Bonuses here. That being said, let us get started with our How To Play Guide on Double Bubble Slots

Choosing The Number of Winlines

Screenshot image of Double Bubble slot with all 20 paylines activatedThe fact that Double Bubble slots machine is a multiline game does not mean you're force to wager on all 20 paylines every time, but doing so if highly recommended because of the reasons highlighted above.

You will notice there are three buttons on the bottom right corner of the game's layout. To choose the number of paylines you want to activate, you can click the 'Bet One' button. Every time you click this button you will activate an additional winline starting with 1 payline and up to a maximum of 20 winlines. Once you have activated the number of winlines you want, just click the green 'Spin' button and let the reels do the rest.

If you want to play with the highest chance of winning then you will wager on all 20 paylines, and the fastest way to do this is to simply click the 'Bet Max' button and let the magic happen. Again, keep in mind that activating more winlines increases your odds of building a winning combination but it will NOT increase the payouts because these are determined by your coin size.

Double Bubble Slots is a Multi-line Slot Game

What's a multi-line video slot game, you ask? Multiline slot machines are games where you can place wagers (bets) on more than one win line at the same time, or in the same spin.

Why bet on more than one winline? Simple, to have more chances of winning! The point of offering more than just one winning line on a slot machine game is to give players more chances of winning a cash prize on each spin. If you had just one line that means you only have one single chance of winning on every spin, whereas if you bet (activate) on more than one winline, there will be multiple winning combinations and therefore more chances of winning on each spin.

Choosing your Coin Size

Screenshot image of how to select the coin size in the Double Bubble slot machine gameYou should note that betting on more than one payline will increase your overall stake size (total bet per spin) because your coin size is multiplied by the number of active paylines. For example if you choose a 10p coin size to play Double Bubble slot and you activate all the 20 winlines the game offers, you're total stake/bet per spin will be £2. You will adjust your coin size depending on your bankroll size, your style of play and how much of a risk taker you are.

The coin sizes available in Double Bubble slots range from just 1p and up to £4 for the real High Rollers and professional slot players. Learning how to choose your coin size is essencial because this is how you take control over the amount of money you bet on every spin. The coin size is also very important because the payouts on the game will be multiplied by the coin size, so the higher the coin size, the higher the payout!

The Auto Spin Feature in Double Bubble

You will notice that in Double Bubble slots game (and many other slot machines) there's an 'Auto Spin' button. This feature gives you the opportunity to choose how many spins you would like to play with the current set up of coin size and paylines and have the game play them out for you without having to click 'Spin' every time.

Using the Auto Spin feature may seem unnecessary at first and for some players but it's quite handy if you're having longer gaming sessions. You should note that the Auto Spin will stop when a bonus game is triggered and hand over the controls back to you to play out the bonus feature. There is also a 'Stop' button during the Auto Spin to cancel the feature; thus making sure you're in control of the game all the time.

Well here you have it a beginners guide on How To Play Double Bubble Slots Online. As you can see playing is dead simple and you should be up and playing in no time. On that note, why not give it a try now? You can visit this Double Bubble slot review here and find out where you can play instantly for free and without registrations or downloads.  Or if you're ready for the real action and want to win real money prizes, visit our section All Bingo and Casino Sites with Double Bubble Slot on them and pick the one that tickles your fancy and have fun online.

Bingo and casino sites with Double Bubble slot game on offer

-% up to 30 Free Spins
-% up to 30 Free Spins.
-% up to 30 Free Spins
-% up to 30 Free Spins.

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