Double Sixteen Slot Review & Demo Game

Double Sixteen slot

Screenshot image of the Double Sixteen slot game

Double Sixteen slot Features

  • Reels: 2x5
  • Winlines: 32
  • Slot variance: Medium
  • Coin sizes: 5 - 40 credits
  • Wild Reels: n/a
  • Scatter Reels: n/a
  • Extra features: Meters
  • Top Jackpot: 200 credits
  • RTP: n/a

Double Sixteen Slot Machine Review & Demo Game

Today we’re going to talk about Double Sixteen slot, a slot machine game from BetSoft that turned out to be quite a pleasant surprise.

As you can tell from the looks, Double Sixteen slot is a classic pub-style fruit machine which features an old-school layout and machine and traditional orange, limes, plumbs, grapes, cherries, watermelons, Bars and Treasure coffin symbols. My first impression when I saw this slot was not all that positive and I thought it would be a dull game to play, but boy was I wrong!

A closer look at Double Sixteen slot first revealed an interesting fact about the game: the number of winning symbols. In this game there are just eight different symbols which payout for matching just three of those symbols. This translates into higher chances of winning as there is a lower number of possible combinations.

The next attractive feature about Double Sixteen are the payouts of the winning combinations. If you look closely at the bottom of the game, you will find seven buttons, four of which are the bet size and paylines buttons you can choose from. From this you can see that the minimum stake in the game is 5 credits bet on four paylines, and the highest stake possible is 40 credits bet on 32 winning lines. So what? Well, if you look at the paytable, you’ll see that the lowest-paying winline combination is 40 credits. This means that unlike with many other slot games, like when you play Double Bubble Slot, here you will never get a payout that is below your stake amount. If you’re playing small coins, 5 credits on four paylines the minimum you can win, apart from no hitting a winning combo, is 40 credits. Now that’s pretty neat!

Another interesting feature of Double Sixteen slots is that you can build winning combinations even if the matching symbols don’t go from left to right form the left most reel. Say for example you get three of a kind Cherries on reels 2, 3 and 4. Usually this would not count as a winning payline because you’d need the matching symbols to start on reel 1 but not with Double Sixteen, so that’s another check mark for the old looking fruit machine from BetSoft.

What are ‘Meters’ in a fruit machine?

Something else worth noting are the so-called ‘Meters’. These 10 meters are located at the top right of the game, and they’re not there just to fill the space. Every time you get a win on the reels, your winnings are divided up among these ten meters. Every time you play with coins in these meters, you will be awarded an additional coin on Meter 1 before each spin. The implication of this is that every spin would essentially cost you 1 credit less. So if you bet 40 coins, then in reality that spin is costing you 39 coins. You can see this in action in our Double Sixteen slot video here.

The Double Sixteen feature comes into play when you decide to stake 40 coins on all 32 paylines. Both the bottom and top slot games have a total of 16 paylines, so when you play full coins you’re activating those 2 x 16 paylines fruit machine games for a total of 32 paylines; hence the name Double Sixteen slot.

When you bet 5 credits you play with four winlines in the bottom slot game using three reels. Betting 10 credits will activate eight paylines in the bottom game using all four reels. Increase your stake to 20 credits and you will play with sixteen winning line combinations with the bottom slot game fully active. And lastly, if you bet maximum coins, 40 coins, then both slot games at the bottom and top are activated with all 32 paylines for maximum action.

Well, there you have it, the classic old-school Double Sixteen slot machine from BetSoft. As you can see there are no free spins, bonus games, nor all the bells and whistles of the usual video slot game but it is a fun and rewarding game nevertheless. Try it out for free with our demo below or sign up to play for real money. Good luck and have fun!


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