Double Bubble Slot – Top Paying Symbols, Pop Bonus & Bubble Line Bonus!

It’s been a while since I wrote the Double Bubble Slot review found on our home page but I’ve been meaning to re-visit this fantastic video slot game from Gamesys for some time now.

I’ve read other players’ opinions on Double Bubble slots on other websites and forums and I’ve noticed that players have very different perspectives on this game and some of them don’t even understand the game at all. So I’ve decided to write an new blog post on this video slot game, its winning symbols, the Bubble Line bonus, the Bubble Pop bonus game and the slot’s payout based on my own gaming session. Let’s get started.

The Double Bubble Slot Payouts.

Screenshot image of all paylines activated in Double Bubble slotsIf you're familiar with the Gamesys video slot games you've probably already noticed that the payout of the games is sometimes not disclosed. Jackpotjoy has now made it public that expected RTP of Double Bubble slot is 96% when playing all 20 winlines and 92.5% if you play between 1 and 19 pay-lines.

My session with Double Bubble slot lasted around 30 minutes during which I placed a total of 203 spins with three different wager amounts. First I played a total of 150 spins with a £1 coin playing all 20 paylines, so stakes of £20 per spin. Then I switched to a £0.05 coin on all 20 win-lines and played 3 spins for a total of £1 per spin. And lastly, I played a total of 50 spins with a £4 coin on all 20 winning lines for a total of £80 per spin.

Out of the total 203 spins played on Double Bubble slots there were a total of 88 winnings spins across the three different wagered amounts. To be more specific, the game paid out a total of 55 spins @ £20 per spin, 2 spins @ £1 per spin and lastly 31 spins @ £80 per spin.

[h3]Double Bubble's payout summary:[/h3]

Total Spins Played 203

Total Spins Won 88

55 won @ £20/ spin

31 won @ £80/ spin

2 won @ £1 / spin

% of Spins Paid Out 43%

Total Amount Wagered £7,003

50 spins @ £80 = £4,000

150 spins @ £20 = £3,000

3 spins @ £1 = £3

Total Amount Paid out £10,644

% of Stakes Paid Out 151.99%

If you're familiar with probability and statistics you know that one playing session on Double Bubble slot is not going to be enough to work out the exact mathematical RTP of the game. You would typically need hundreds or thousands of spins to work out this percentage. This exercise, however, it's helpful to show the winning potential of the Double Bubble slot machine. You can watch the edited version of this session on my Double Bubble Slot video here.

The Most Rewarding Double Bubble Slot Symbols

Screenshot image of the bonus activated in Double BubbleBefore diving into the most frequent and rewarding symbols of Double Bubble slot I just want to clarify again that this is only based on one single gaming session and you should not expect to ge the same results once you're playing the game.

In my last experience playing Double Bubble I found the Watermelon and green Bar symbols (Bar, Bar, Bar) to be the most common symbols in a winning line which made up 15 and 13 of the winning lines respectively. These two are closely followed by the Grapes (note: plural!), Bells and Cherries symbols which produced 12, 11 and 10 winnings lines each, as shown in the table below.

Watermelon - 15

Bars (Green) - 13

Grapes - 12

Bells - 11

Cherries - 10

Super 7's - 9

Orange - 9

Bar (Pink) - 6

Grape - 2

Bar (Blue) - 1

Wild symbols are a fundamental part of any video slot game and this exercise goes to show how important Wild symbols are in creating winning lines playing Double Bubble slot. Since the Wild symbol substitutes for all symbols except Scatters (the bonus symbol), it´s no surprise that the frequency with which the Wild symbol appeared on a win line is related to the frequency with which each winning symbol shows up on the reels.

Watermelon + Wild 5

Bar Pink + Wild 5

Orange + Wild 4

Bells + Wild 5

Cherries + Wild 3

Grapes + Wild 4

Bars Green + Wild 4

Grape + Wild 2

Super 7s + Wild 4

Bar Blue + Wild 1

Double Bubble's Bubble Pop Bonus Game

Screenshot image of the Bubble Pop bonus in Double bubble slotSome of the complains I've read about Double Bubble slots on other websites and forums is the lack of free spins and bonus games. While it's true that there are no Free Spins on Double Bubble there is, however, one Pick 'em style bonus in this game.

Unlike other games like Houdini Slot, Greedy Goblins slots or Reel Deal Diner slot where the bonus game is engaging and a bit more entertaining, the bonus game at Double Bubble slot is somewhat straight-forward. Once you trigger the bonus, you'll be presented with three Bonus Bubbles. Simply pick one of these three to reveal your prize and the bonus will end taking you back to the Double Bubble game.

In other games like Thunderstruck 2 slot the bonus game is where the money is and I've seen some complains about Double Bubble's bonus game not being too generous. The truth is that yes, you won't be winning millions from this bonus game but you won't be leaving empty-handed either.

The amount you uncover by clicking one of the three bonus balls will be multiplied by 4 which in turn should produce some decent winnings. In my case I got 180 credits in the bonus ball which turned into a total winning of 720 credits (180 x 4). I don't know about you but 720 credits won on a bonus game seems pretty generous to me and it's probably about average when compared to most other video slot games worth your time and pounds.

Bubble Line bonus multiplier - How does it work?

Screenshot image of a Line Bonus win in Double Bubble slot machineThe Bubble Line Bonus of Double Bubble slot is one the features of this fantastic video slot game which I have seen has caused the most confusion among some video slot players.

The Bubble Line Bonus works in a very similar way as the bonus featured on the traditional pub fruit machines found across the UK. If you're not from the UK or you're not familiar with these type of bonus I'll explain it here.

As you see in the image, right below the five reels of Double Bubble slot, there's one horizontal line with five slots. Every time you spin the reels, the game's symbols spin from top to bottom on each of the five reels until the reels stop and each reels has it's own symbols lined up. This is where you build your winning lines and payouts are calculated based on the paytable.

On top of the usual slot game (above), you will see that with each spin, there will be symbols showing up on these Bubble Line bonus slots. If you match the symbols from this line with the symbols showing on the reels above, then you will win an additional bonus. The payout of this bonus is based on the number of the matching symbols as per the paytable.

For example in the image you see that I got three (green) Bar symbols on the Bubble Line Bonus and I also got a (matching) Bar symbol on reels 1, 3, 4 and 5 on the Double Bubble slot game. The total bonus amount for matching these three symbols was 2,200. To work out this bonus amount we need to look at the paytable from where we know that getting three Bar (green) symbol pays out 100 credits. We were wagering on all 20 paylines which means the Bubble Line bonus will use a 22 multiplier. So three Bar symbols = 100 credits times 22 = 2,200 credits. And you don't even need at winning payline for that bonus to be paid out!

Apart from the frequent and generous payouts of Double Bubble slot, this Bubble Line bonus is one feature that makes this game a killer game. Yes there are no free spins, expanding or sticky wilds and the Bubble Pop Bonus isn't a millionaire maker on its own but with a feature like Bubble Line and amazing payouts you truly don't need them. Grab your self a bonus and play online now - you'll love it!

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