Double Bubble Cheats – 6 tips on how to play and win online.

It is clear we love this game, and like many other players, we want to know how to win on Double Bubble slot. If you’re reading this chances are you do too!

It’s a really nice slot machine altogether; it’s fun and it holds the potential for massive wins that don’t cost you extra money. But is there any advice for slot players looking to win or play more often for free? Absolutely! And we’ve summed them up in these 6 Tips for Playing Double Bubble Slot Machine guide.

Cheat #1 – Get 30 free spins on Double Bubble

The first tip for playing Double Bubble slots is to get 30 free spins bonus on Double Bubble slots. If you’re playing for real money, you might as well make the most out of your hard-earned cash by getting a free bonus you can spend on a game you love.

Let’s start with Virgin Games: the most robust of all Gamesys sites that offer Double Bubble slot. New players at this site qualify for a 30 free spins on Double Bubble when they deposit and wager at least £10 on the site. At 20p per spin with all paylines enabled, who knows what luck could bring?

Your second choice is Jackpotjoy casino; one of the biggest online casinos in the UK. Here the welcome bonus is 30 free spins on Double Bubble plus up to £50 bingo cards. That’s a much better deal if you like playing bingo and you haven’t been to Jackpotjoy before. But wait, there’s more.

Top Offer
30 Free Spins
+ £50 Bingo
  •             Free Bingo Rooms
  •             Daily Free Games
  •             Daily Jackpots
  •             Progressives


Play £10 Get
30 Free Spins
  •           Daily Free Games
  •           4 Jackpots w/ spin
  •           All Slots 95%+ RTP
  •           24 hrs Cashouts


30 Free Spins or
£50 Bingo Bonus
  •             No Wagering
  •             Daily Free Games
  •             Winnigs in Cash
  •             24 hrs Cashouts


30 Free Spins
+ £50 Bingo
  •             Free Bingo Rooms
  •             Daily Free Games
  •             Deposits < £20K
  •             Progressives


There are two more UK casinos that offer Double Bubble slots: Heart Bingo and Starspins. And while neither one of these two (+)

gaming sites offers a free spins bonus for Double Bubble, they’re actually our two top casinos for playing this game.

Heart Bingo is one of the friendliest communities of bingo players. It’s a trusted brand with lots of exciting promotions constantly going on. The welcome bonus at Heart Bingo offers 30 free spins on Paper Wins slots plus up to £50 on bingo cards; yes, very similar to Jackpotjoy.

An lastly, there’s Starspins casino. The welcome bonus is a similar 30 free spins on Secrets of the Phoenix slots. A main feature of the site is the 95% RTP guaranteed across the site. This means you have more chances of you hitting the jackpot by playing a Starspins than at any other Gamesys site. With four different progressives that can be triggered at any time, there’s just no match.

Cheat #2 – Play the Doubly Bubbly daily free game.

Doubly Bubbly daily free gameOur second tip for winning on Double Bubble slot machine is to play the Doubly Bubbly daily free game. This game is featured on the daily free games on two Gamesys sites: Heart Bingo and Starspins.

So, here’s the hack. If you’re a registered and real money player at any of these two casinos then you qualify for the daily free game: Doubly Bubbly. If you made a deposit of at least £10 in the last 7 days and you wagered at least £2 then you qualify to play the daily free game and win for real.

You can basically win free spins to Double Bubble slots by playing every day for free. Win up to 50 free spins or as much as £750 in cash. This is one of the easiest/cheapest ways to enjoy your favourite game ‘on the house’. To learn more about it, check out the Starspins daily free games details here.

Cheat #3 – Get a £10+ bonus in your inbox.

Heart Bingo newsletter screenshotGetting a bunch of newsletters in your inbox can be annoying. But did you know this is one way to get a free bonus? Well, you can and this is our third tip for Double Bubble players.

Here’s how it works. Register at any of the casinos with Double Bubble slots and sign up to their newsletter. Now, all you have to do is wait for your bonus to come through. Don’t worry, we’ve tested this cheat and they send short relevant emails every now and then. And that’s where it gets interesting.

As time goes by and depending on your level of play, the casino will begin sending you offers and free bonuses. Often times, these offers will be even more attractive than the current welcome bonus offers. But there’s a catch too.

The rewards of this Double Bubble tips will vary depending on how much you play and if you play for real money or not. Real money players that wager frequently can expect to get the most generous bonus offers. Free slots players will notice that the offers will only get ‘attractive’ as weeks and months go by.

The beauty of this tip is that it works if you play for free or for free and all you have to do is sign up and keep an eye on the incoming bonus offers.

Cheat #4 – Earn picks in the Double Bubble monthly free game.

Search for the Phoenix free daily gameThe Monthly Free Game is another easy and cheap way to play Double Buble slots game for free with a chance to win real cash prizes. It’s an added benefit for real money players at two of the best Gamesys sites: Heart Bingo and Starspins.

Here’s the tip. If you’re going to play for real money, play at Heart Bingo or Starspins. You will surely qualify for daily free games. As we mentioned above, daily free games are a benefit to real cash players at no extra cost. All you have to do is play Doubly Bubbly Bubble as much as you can through the daily free game and earn picks to the Monthly Free Game.

The Monthly Free Game is an additional bonus linked to daily free games. The more you play the daily game, the more picks you earn to the monthly free game: Double Bubble.

So there you have it. Another ‘free’ way to play Double Bubble at no extra cost with a chance to win up to £750 in cash.

Cheat #5 – Aim to win the Double Bubble Jackpot.

Our following tip applies to any player who likes this slot machine but especially to those chasing the Double Bubble Jackpot. As it turns out, the key is knowing where to play.

If you want to increase your chances of winning the Double Bubble Jackpot, you should play where the chances of winning are higher. And there’s one Gamesys casino that stands out: Starspins.

At Starspins casino there’s a network of four progressive Jackpots that can be won on any random spin. Unlike many progressives, you don’t need to wager full coins to win a Jackpot.

Additionally, there are the Community Jackpots; another chance for you to win a Jackpot. This jackpot pays out the same value of the jackpot to all the players who have spun the reels within three minutes of the jackpot being triggered.

What’s really attractive about this cheat is that it provides more chances of winning at Double Bubble slot machine than any other and at no extra cost.

Cheat #6 – Play Double Bubble Jackpot.

Logo image of the Double Bubble Jackpot slot machine game from GamesysOur last tip for playing Double Bubble is to switch over to the latest version: Double Bubble Jackpot.

Double Bubble Jackpot brings the bubbly colours and all great wins of Double Bubble with a twist: a progressive Jackpot that grows until a lucky winner scoops the prize.

The sequel version of the game offers 95.53% return to players (RTP) and includes a progressive Jackpot that can only be triggered from the Bubble Pop bonus game.

An attractive feature is the jackpot will continue to grow until one lucky player wins the whole amount.

So there you have it. Our top 6 tips for playing Double Bubble slots for free, more often and have more chances of winning.

We hope you liked this cheat sheet. If you have any more tips or cheats you would like to share, leave us a comment below.

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