Double Bubble Cheats – Tips on how to win online.

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It is clear we love this game and like many other players, we want to know how to win on Double Bubble slot; and if you’re reading this chance are you do too! It’s a really nice slot machine altogether, it’s fun and it holds the potential for massive wins that don’t cost you extra money, but is there any advice for slot players looking to play for the first time? Absolutely! And we’ve summed them up in this 3 Tips for Playing Double Bubble Slot Machine guide.

Cheat #1 – Get Money: 30 free spins on Double Bubble.

My first advice about Double Bubble slots is: money. Slot machines can also be fun if you’re not wagering real cash but if you’re playing for money you should either bring a reasonable amount of money for your bankroll or get as much free money as possible to boost your balance from the start.

The easiest way to do this is to sign up to a new bingo site or online casino which offers an attractive new player’s deal. Lucky for you we have ALL the bingo rooms and casinos that offer Double Bubble slot and their offers plus we have EXCLUSIVE PROMO CODES to get even more free cash. Below we have listed all the bingo and casino sites with Double Bubble slots online some of which offer a 30 free spins bonus to new players.

Depending on what you prefer there’s a 30 free spins bonus at Heart Bingo plus up to /£50 in bingo cards. There used to be an exclusive Heart Bingo Promo Code for Double Bubble Slot to get £40 with a £10 deposit but this offer is now gone for good. Currently, there are two Gamesys slot sites with Double Bubble slots  free spins for newcomers. Virgin Games and Jackpotjoy both offer a deposit and play £10 get 30 free spins on Double Bubble slots. It may not seem like much but once you’re a member at the site, you can expect a more generous bonus.

30 Free Spins + £50 Bingo
Min £10 dep. & wag. Terms
Bingo, Slots, Casino, Instant Win
Barcrest, Gamesys, IGT, Microgaming, NetEnt, Novomatic, WMS
RTP: 96%
Withdrawal Time: <48 hrs
30 Free Spins
Min £10 dep. & wag. Terms
Slots, Casino, Live Casino
Barcrest, Gamesys, IGT, Microgaming, NetEnt, Novomatic, WMS
RTP: 94%
Withdrawal Time: <48 hrs
30 Free Spins
Min £10 dep. & wag. Terms
Slots, Casino, Live Casino, Poker
Barcrest, Gamesys, IGT, Microgaming, NetEnt, Novomatic, WMS
RTP: 94%
Withdrawal Time: <48 hrs
30 Free Spins + £50 Bingo
Min £10 dep. & wag. Terms
Slots, Casino, Scratchcards
Barcrest, Gamesys, IGT, Microgaming, NetEnt, Novomatic, WMS
RTP: 95%
Withdrawal Time: <48 hrs

Cheat #2 – Play the Double Bubble slots demo first.

Now that you just got all that free money to play with, make sure you don’t go bananas with the bets. Each slot machine is different, some are harsh and drain your bankroll quickly, others are more generous and rewarding. Get to know the game before you decide to go big on the bets (if you choose to do that at all!). Fire up the Double Bubble slots demo game and set the coin size to the min BUT bet max (paylines) for full action.

After a while, you will get a better sense of what is to play double bubble and the mechanics of the game. You may find that it’s one of those slot games that often play by your side. Sometimes it’s the Scatters with a fantastic frequency. Other times may be the inline bubble bonus that blows you off your socks. Or sometimes is just one of those lucky sessions where the symbols are just loving you.

Cheat #3 – How to win the Double Bubble slots bonus game?

The Bubble Line Bonus of Double Bubble slot is one the features of this fantastic video slot game which I have seen has caused the most confusion among some video slot players.

The Bubble Line Bonus works in a very similar way as the bonus feature on the traditional pub fruit machines found across the UK. If you’re not from the UK or you’re not familiar with this type of bonus I’ll explain it here.

As you see in the image, right below the five reels of Double Bubble slot, there’s one horizontal line with five slots. Every time you spin the reels, the game’s symbols spin from top to bottom on each of the five reels until the reels stop and each reels has it’s own symbols lined up. This is where you build your winning lines and payouts are calculated based on the pay table.

Double Bubble slot screenshot image

On top of the usual slot game (above), you will see that with each spin, there will be symbols showing up on these Bubble Line bonus slots. If you match the symbols from this line with the symbols showing on the reels above, then you will win an additional bonus. The payout of this bonus is based on the number of matching symbols as per the pay table.

For example in the image, you see that I got three (green) Bar symbols on the Bubble Line Bonus and I also got a (matching) Bar symbol on reels 1, 3, 4 and 5 on the Double Bubble slot game. The total bonus amount for matching these three symbols was 2,200. To work out this bonus amount we need to look at the paytable from where we know that getting three Bar (green) symbol pays out 100 credits. We were wagering on all 20 paylines which means the Bubble Line bonus will use a 22 multiplier. So three Bar symbols = 100 credits times 22 = 2,200 credits. And you don’t even need at winning payline for that bonus to be paid out!

Apart from the frequent and generous payouts of Double Bubble slot, this Bubble Line bonus is one feature that makes this game a killer game. Yes there are no free spins, expanding or sticky wilds and the Bubble Pop Bonus isn’t a millionaire maker on its own but with a feature like Bubble Line and amazing payouts you truly don’t need them. Grab your self a bonus and play online now – you’ll love it!

Cheat # 4 – Double Bubble Slots RTP & Symbols payout explained.

Screenshot image of the bonus activated in Double BubbleBefore diving into the most frequent and rewarding symbols of Double Bubble slot I just want to clarify again that this is only based on one single gaming session and you should not expect to get the same results once you’re playing the game.

In my last experience playing Double Bubble slots online, I found the Watermelon and green Bar symbols (Bar, Bar, Bar) to be the most common symbols in a winning line which made up 15 and 13 of the winning lines respectively. These two are closely followed by the Grapes (note: plural!), Bells and Cherries symbols which produced 12, 11 and 10 winnings lines each, as shown in the table below.


Watermelon 15
Bars 13
Grapes 12
Bells 11
Cherries 10
Super 7’s 9
Orange 9
Bar (Pink) 6
Grape 2
Bar (Blue) 1

Wild symbols are a fundamental part of any video slot game and this exercise goes to show how important Wild symbols are when learning how to win on Double Bubble slot game. Since the Wild symbol substitutes for all symbols except Scatters (the bonus symbol), it´s no surprise that the frequency with which the Wild symbol appeared on a win line is related to the frequency with which each winning symbol shows up on the reels.

  • Watermelon + Wild 5
  • Bar Pink + Wild 5
  • Orange + Wild 4
  • Bells + Wild 5
  • Cherries + Wild 3
  • Grapes + Wild 4
  • Bars Green + Wild 4
  • Grape + Wild 2
  • Super 7s + Wild 4
  • Bar Blue + Wild 1

Double Bubble slots payout summary.

  • Total Spins Played 203
  • Total Spins Won 88
  • 55 won @ £20/ spin
  • 31 won @ £80/ spin
  • 2 won @ £1 / spin
  • % of Spins Paid Out 43%

Total Amount Wagered £7,003

  • 50 spins @ £80 = £4,000
  • 150 spins @ £20 = £3,000
  • 3 spins @ £1 = £3
  • Total Amount Paid out £10,644
  • % of Stakes Paid Out 151.99%

If you’re familiar with probability and statistics you know that one playing session on Double Bubble slot is not going to be enough to work out the exact mathematical RTP of the game. You would typically need hundreds or thousands of spins to work out this percentage. This exercise, however, it’s helpful to show the winning potential of the Double Bubble slot machine.

Cheat #3 – Ride The Bubbles – Enjoy the Game?

Whether you’re in the process of building the bankroll and having a smashing time playing Double Bubble slot in the process you are already playing with a reasonable coin size and betting max aiming for the big wins, this is game is fun and truly long-lasting.

Classed as a medium/low variance game, Double Bubble slot is a truly fun game to play with fantastic odds and great payouts which help stretch the bankroll and can provide hours of fun and entertainment; not to mention the potential for one of those legendary winnings with a top prize of 20,000 times your stake/bet.

Now to get started with our first step, Get Money, check out Double Bubble slot bonus promotions, bingo sites and online casinos. Choose the one that appeals to you and have fun!