Colossal Reels, free spins, fixed paylines & Bet levels. Is Aloha Cluster worth it?

Aloha Cluster Pays slots review.

If anyone ever asks you ‘how many is a cluster?’ just tell them it’s nine. I’ve been playing a brilliant slot game called Aloha Cluster Pays, and as a result I’ve discovered that nine makes a cluster.

I could leave my Aloha Cluster Pays review right there, and you’d be so intrigued you’d immediately rush off to find the game for yourself, but that would be cheating, so let me tell you a little more about it.

Aloha Cluster Pays looks at first glance like a normal 5 reel…no…wait up…it a six reel game!

Aloha Cluster Pay slot

Screenshot image of Aloha Cluster slot game welcome screen
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Aloha Cluster Pay slot Features

  • Reels: 5x6
  • Winlines: n/a 10 Bet levels
  • Slot variance: High
  • Coin sizes: 0.01 - £1
  • Wild reels: All - Substitution Symbol
  • Scatter reels: n/a
  • Extra Feature: Sticky Win Re-Spin
  • Bonus games: 12 Free Spins w/ Symbol Drop
  • Top Jackpot: 100,000
  • RPT: n/a

Aloha Cluster Pay slot Basics

  • Game Type : Cluster Pays
  • Software : NetEnt

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So…it’s a six reel game that looks like a five reel game with a cartoon ‘Hawaiian’ background, and symbols that look like carved masks, fruit and flowers. All very Hawaiian Island themed, and nothing surprising there at all, until you start game play.

Wins don’t go left to right, or even right to left, but can show up anywhere on the game screen. You win by having nine or more of any symbol showing upon a cluster (I think I mentioned the nine is a cluster thing before). Of course, the more touching identical symbols your cluster contains, the bigger your win.

Aloha Cluster Pays slot features.

All very simple and straightforward, you might think, but that’s without taking into account the wild cards, which aren’t really all that wild. Symbols with a question mark can act as wild if they are touching a group that would be a cluster if the wilds were activated.

That sounds more complicated than I had thought, and for that I apologise.

To simplify, if you have, say, seven coconuts, all touching, and two wilds touching a coconut, then the wilds will turn into coconuts, so that you have a cluster,and therefore a win.

I should probably tell you about now that the symbols all come in stacks, or you might be wondering how in hell you ever get a win.

Then there are the masks. These are the big money symbols, and are the size of two regular symbols, so you don’t need nine to win; five will do, though again the more the better.

Free spins bonus game.

There are free spin symbols too, and three or more will net you some great free spins, and a guaranteed win! In free spins, you will find that one by one the symbols drop off the screen to be replaced by more and more masks, so bigger wins and more chances of netting them! If, by the last of your free spins you advent netted a win, then you’ll get bonus spins until you DO get a win. Guaranteed!

And another thing to watch for (do you get the idea that I love this game?): Sticky wins! Some wins, apparently randomly selected, attract the sticky win feature, which basically just adds more of your winning symbol to the cluster, meaning a bigger win! How cool is that on a scale of one to ten?

I’d give it a nine.

Even the soundtrack; the lowest point on many a decent game’s playability for me, is actually inoffensive. It’s a bit of generic Hawaiian sounding music, with some jungle noises, which, unlike many soundtracks didn’t get on my nerves after about a nanosecond, but just plays away in the background.