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  1. Bonus Policy

    1. We give bonus offers on the Site from time to time. These bonuses are subject to the following rules:
      1. Bonus Funds are: (i) a cash bonus from deposits, (ii) cash from the redemption of bonus points, (iii) any other cash bonus that you may receive from us through offers which include but are not limited to promotions. Please note that withdrawal restrictions may apply to any Bonus Funds.
      2. Bonuses will be credited to your account as Bonus Points or Bonus Funds only, unless otherwise stated.
      3. You may only cash out real funds, subject to the Withdrawal Policy, and may never cash out any Bonus Points or Bonus Funds. Winnings generated from the Bonus Funds may become real balances as set out.
      4. Wagering Requirements: Each bonus has its own wagering requirements. In order to meet the applicable wagering requirement, no real money shall be deemed to contribute (in full or in part) to the wagering requirement, unless otherwise specified by us.
      5. Please note that not all IG contributes the same to the wagering requirements. The following is a list of contributions for each individual game type:
        Game Category Game Contribution
        Slots 100%
        PJPSlots 100%
        Arcade 100%
        ScratchCards 100%
        Keno 100%
        Hi-Lo 0%
        Roulette 0%
        LiveRoulette 0%
        Blackjack 0%
        LiveBlackjack 0%
        VideoPoker 0%

        For example: if you wager £500 on Roulette, there will be no contribution towards the wagering requirements

      6. Real funds will always be used in a game before Bonus Funds and the status of both will be displayed in each player’s “My Account” webpage.
      7. Please note that if you do not log in to your account for a period of 90 days, your vouchers, IG Free Spins, Loyalty Points, Bonus Funds, Bonus Points, Chips and any related winnings where the wagering requirements have not been fulfilled, if any, shall be forfeited by you without further notice and are not refundable.
      8. If you place a wager on IG with Restricted Funds and win at least £400, subject to the fulfilment of any wagering requirements, you will receive up to a maximum of £400 over the initial bonus amount granted to you, which was used to generate such winnings. By way of example, if you are granted £100 in Bonus Funds, and the winnings generated from such Bonus Funds on IG at the time of the fulfilment of the applicable wagering requirements are £600, then £500 will be transferred to your real money bankroll (i.e. the £100 bonus amount and £400 in winnings). Such limitation shall not apply to verified progressive jackpot winnings derived from Restricted Funds. Restricted Funds means all the Bonus Funds and IG Free Spins that have not yet met the wagering requirement and any winnings associated with such Bonus Funds or IG Free Spins.
      9. Game winnings which are a result of bonus wagering will be accumulated to the bonus bankroll according to the rules set out herein. Once the wagering requirements for a specific bonus are completed, the remaining Bonus Funds and winnings associated with such bonus will be transferred to the player’s real bankroll.
      10. On selected IG jackpots, only wagers with real money shall increase the jackpot prizes, in such cases the RTP will appear as a range in the IG RTP report which can be found here.
      11. IG Free Spins First Deposit Bonus: The first deposit bonus in the Site with respect to IG Free Spins is 25 fixed. The minimum deposit to qualify for the bonus offer for any first deposit is £10. For example: If your first deposit is £10, the IG Free Spins offer is 25. If you deposit less than £10 no IG Free Spins will be given. The maximum IG Free Spins you can receive is 25. The maximum Winnings resulting from IG Free Spins you can receive is £2.5.
      12. Unless otherwise stated in the specific terms and conditions relating to a non-deposit bonus, prior to cashing out such bonus, you must wager x100 the total amount of the Bonus Funds granted prior to cashing out your Bonus Funds. For example, with respect to a non-deposit related bonus of £10, you must wager at least £1000 before cashing out the £10 bonus. Should you cash out your bonus before wagering £1000, you will forfeit your bonus.
      13. In the instance of a deposit related bonus, you must wager x35 the total of (the amount of the deposit + the amount of the Bonus Funds granted) prior to cashing out the deposit. If you do cash out any or all or your deposit before meeting the wagering requirements, you will forfeit the Bonus Funds granted. For example: with respect to a deposit related bonus, if you received 100% bonus on your £10 deposit, you must wager at least £700 before cashing out your deposit. Should you cash out your deposit before wagering £700 you will immediately forfeit your Bonus Funds. Only wagers made using Bonus Funds granted contribute towards fulfilling the wagering requirements.
      14. Winnings generated as a result of bonus wagering will be accumulated to your bonus bankroll according to the provisions set out herein. Once the wagering requirements for a specific bonus have been completed, the remaining balance will then be transferred to your real bankroll. If you cash out before meeting the wagering requirement, you will forfeit all Bonus Funds (including the above such winnings).
      15. Re-Deposit Bonus: In the event we offer you a re-deposit bonus (as we may determine from time to time), the following shall apply. The regular re−deposit bonus percentage will be specified by us and may vary for each deposit you make.
      16. We may offer you the option to opt out of receiving our deposit bonuses which includes but is not limited to the First Deposit Bonus and Re-Deposit Bonus by ticking the box found in the Site’s cashier, where available. If you choose to opt out of receiving deposit bonuses, you will not be entitled to participate in any deposit related offer, even if such offer is displayed or communicated to you.
      17. We reserve the right to decline to grant you any deposit bonus offer, in the event that you have an outstanding withdrawal request until such request has been either reversed by you or processed by us.
      18. We reserve the right to decrease or deny you any deposit bonus offer when you deposit through selected payment methods and/or deposit from selected countries.
      19. Winnings that result from playing on IG with Bonus Funds and have met the applicable wagering requirements may be cashed out of the player’s account subject to the limitation to the maximum winning amount defined for a Non-Funded Account, if applicable.
      20. Registration promotions and the first deposit promotions cannot be combined with any other similar promotion.
      21. Any suspicious cash−ins, in which there may be cause for belief that less than the minimum wagering requirements were made during the claiming of a promotional offer, will be audited before being processed.
      22. Unless otherwise stated in the specific terms and conditions of a specific offer, if you win a tangible prize, you may instead choose to receive real money into you real money account with the Site instead of such prize. However, such real money credited to your account with the Site will be 50% of the tangible prize’s retail value.
      23. Please note that separate terms and conditions exist for the claiming of promotions or offers.

    2. Your use of the Free Instant Games are subject to the terms below:
      1. Whilst we describe the IG promoted as “free” we do require you to register with the Site. You are not required to pay anything in order to play the IG Free Spins once they are granted to you.
      2. We reserve the right to choose, whether IG Free Spins can only be played on specific games or devices.
      3. IG Free Spins may be granted in various formats, for example as part of a voucher granted by us. The number of IG Free Spins granted to by us is subject to each promotion offer and can vary.
      4. In the event that you begin to play with a voucher on a specific type of device, for example a PC or mobile device (where available), you will only be able to complete your use of the applicable voucher on that specific type of device.
      5. We may cap the amount that you may win from your IG Free Spins, regardless of the winning amount displayed.
      6. Winnings resulting from IG Free Spins will be granted to your IG bonus bankroll or real money bankroll, according to the promotion offer, once you have used all the IG Free Spins granted to you on the relevant voucher, and subject to the voucher still being in force and the maximum winning amount. Please note that a voucher may have an expiry date.
      7. If you fail to use any voucher(s) granted to you at the time of cash-out, then you will forfeit such voucher(s).
      8. You agree by accepting the IG Free Spins to meet the wagering requirement in accordance with any applicable promotion offer.
      9. If you fail to meet the IG Free Spin(s) wagering requirements, or you have failed to use the IG Free Spin(s) granted to you by the expiration date (if applicable) then you will forfeit any related winnings which have accrued to your bonus bankroll or real money bankroll, as the case may be.
      10. You may start playing IG Free Spins provided by a new voucher once you have used all IG Free Spins on your current voucher.
      11. Winnings generated from your IG Free Spins will be detailed in the My Account page.
      12. Your winnings derived from the use of vouchers will be displayed in points. Only when the requirements above are fulfilled, the points displayed will be converted to winnings in your bonus bankroll, IG bonus bankroll or real money bankroll or otherwise according to the promotion offer. Unless otherwise stated: (i) the conversion rate shall be 100 points equals £1; and (ii) winnings from such vouchers are capped at £1
      13. In case of disconnection recognized after you begin to use a IG Free Spin, we will play the applicable IG Free Spin for you and update your balance accordingly.
    3. Your receipt of prizes is subject to the terms below:
      1. Qualifying Players who win a prize as the result of any promotion (each, respectively, a “Winner” and a “Prize”) agree that there is no right to a cash alternative unless we elect to offer such a cash alternative.
      2. Unless otherwise indicated there, a cash Prize will be paid into the account of the Winner.
      3. Where we arrange for a non-cash Prize to be delivered to you, the delivery may need to be signed for, but in all cases we reserve the right to require that a particular Prize is made available for collection by you.
      4. We reserve the right not to award a Prize or to seek the return of any Prize awarded in the event that the Winner is not entitled to receive such Prize in accordance with applicable law or if we have cause to disqualify the Winner for reasons which include but are not limited to those listed in section 6.2. The Company shall have no liability to the original Winner if they do not receive the Prize in such circumstances.
      5. Any entitlement to receive a Prize is non-transferable.
      6. The Winner is solely responsible for the payment of any applicable tax in relation to the relevant Prize. Where a Prize consists of an event, activity, holiday or the performance of a service, the Winner is solely responsible for complying with any booking or other conditions or instructions of the relevant third party provider or organiser and must be able to comply with any restrictions as to dates and times in relation to the Prize (which may not be re-scheduled) and any other eligibility restrictions imposed by the relevant third party provider or organiser. We will not provide any form of insurance, including without limitation any public liability or cancellation insurance, in respect of any Prize consisting of an event, activity, holiday or service.
      7. Our offering of a particular Prize implies no affiliation on our part with or sponsorship or endorsement of the relevant third party manufacturer, supplier, provider or organiser. Any photograph used to promote a Prize is for illustrative purposes only and the actual Prize may differ from the item shown in the photograph, including without limitation as to make, model, specification, colour, finish, packaging and other features.
      8. Except as expressly provided in these promotion terms, the Prize is provided on an ‘as is’ and ‘as available’ basis. We make no warranty or representation, whether express or implied (whether by law, statute or otherwise), including but not limited to implied warranties and conditions of merchantability, satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose or completeness of the Prize. In addition, we do not promise that the Prize will meet your requirements.
      9. We are not responsible for any loss or damage caused to Prizes due to postage or delivery.
      10. All Prizes / promotions are advertised as being in pounds sterling, however if your account is registered in Euros or US Dollars, or any other currency we may offer, then the prize or cash value will be paid to you in your currency, unless stated otherwise in the relevant promotion terms. For example, if the advertised prize is £100 and your account is registered in US Dollars, then the prize you will receive will be $100.

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