How to Play Slots for Real Money – Online Guide

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How to Play Slots for Real Money – Online Guide

It’s a common dream of many players to have life-changing experiences in the form of real money from slots which are just a spin away. Slots are one of the most popular online games of all time. If you want to play games and have fun in return for real money, you should play slay slots online. These are casino gambling machines with slots and reels that spin at the push of a button. Once the currency detector validates the money inserted to play, you’re good to go. The payment is determined on the patterns of symbols that can be seen on the front of the machine once it stops. Slots (slot machines) are so named because of the actual slot in device where coins are inserted into the game to proceed. The slot machine should however not be confused with the fruit machine. With the evolution of technology, you can now play slots online for real money.

First of all, online slots come in all shapes and sizes and usually feature games designed by top shots in the slot games software industry. They are usually set by themes, thus we have traditional-style slots, adventure slots, sci-fi slots, ladies slots, etc. These slots are always stepped up with newer themes all the time to meet up with players’ satisfaction. You can play out of curiosity or just for fun, and yes you can also play to for money, real money. There’s no need to go searching from one casino to another, trying to find out what you can get easily online, within your reach. Slots can be played at anywhere and anytime so far as there is a technological savvy mobile device. This eliminates the need to travel to a dedicated gambling venue. The first and major reason for playing slots online is to  win money, this then raises questions like “how to play slots online?” how to play slots for money?” or “how to play slots for real money online?”. Slots are simple, easy and fun to play with never ending features and themes. The following tips are guidelines on how to play slots online for real money;

Choose a Slots Machine

Screenshot image of Jungle Jump slots big winYou will always have a whole range of slots to pick from, from 3-reel slots to 5-reel slots, from sports to romance. To pay slots online for real money; you have to decide on the slots first. You can play in guest play mode to get a feel of the game.

Also, be sure to find out as much as you can about a game. This may require you to click on the help icon when y6ore knowledgeable, you can be sure of hitting a winning combination when you’ve made the correct required bet.

Decide on Your Bet Size

Screenshot image ofOnce you’ve decided on the choice of your slots machine, pick the coin size you want to use and the number of coins you want to play per spin. To play slots online, you can place bets that range from small to large amounts per spin.

Your bet size will depend on your cash at hand and whether you are playing for fun or to win. Many online slots will provide you with the option of a number of pay lines that get activated once you start spinning or when you go in with big maximum bets.

Look at the Table

Screenshot image of Starlight Kiss slotBefore you start spinning, review what is on the slots pay table. This is a crucial step since you are in it to win. The table should indicate the slot’s features, symbols, gamble features, payout values and hidden payouts. Keep an open eye for multiplier rewards that are often found in free spins which will multiply your win accordingly. Don’t go in blind; be sure to know what is on board before you start spinning.

Try the 5-Reel Slot

Double Diamond slot screenshot imageThe five-reel slots are more recent, exciting features; with great themes, great bonus rounds, free spins and frequency of more hits. What differentiates the 5-reel slots from the 3-reel slots is the number of reels and the winning frequency. Thus, there are more winning combinations with the 5-reel slots. If you’re in doubt, try giving the 5-reel a couple of spins. A trial will convince you!

Go for Progressive Jackpots

Screenshot image of the Mega Moolah progressive Jackpot slotIf there is an ever sure way on how to play online slots for real money, playing slots with progressive jackpots is that way. Progressive jackpots slots can be found in every online casino, with some having higher jackpots than others. Every time a bet is placed on the slot, a certain percentage of it goes towards the jackpot. Progressive jackpot slots have lower odds than regular slots but with bigger payouts. This means that they do not always pay out but when they do, they pay big. It’s recommended that you play a maximum bet when playing a progressive jackpot slot, as most online slots pay out the jackpot when the maximum coins are bet. Try this, but do not dwell too much on it if it doesn’t work for you immediately.

Know When to Stop

To be able to play slots for real money online, knowing when to stop playing is as important as knowing how to play. For land based casinos, it’s easier to stop playing but while playing online, it’s a different ball game as budgeting or stopping might be an issue in the comfort of your home or wherever you find yourself. Thus, to be able to play slots online for real money and keep such winnings, whilst still having fun, note the following:

  • Survey: Check out the games first; pay lines, coin sizes, etc and choose the slot you want to play amidst the various slots available to you. It would be a waste of time and money to jump from slots to slots.
  • Budget: Set a budget and a play time limit which can be one hour per day or twice a week. If you exhaust your money before the time limit, you have to stop playing. Once you reach the time limit, you also have to stop playing even if you still have money. Log out and keep the money for your next gaming session. Never forget that it is important and necessary to always quit when you are ahead; it’s a game.
  • Start small: For starters, it’s advisable not to play at a maximum bet as there is a great tendency that you will run out of money faster. Do not be tempted by the likelihood of more winnings. Starting with smaller bets is better; you will have small winnings that will increase your bankroll. Playing maximum bet should depend on the machine’s betting range and the amount of money you intend to spend. You can place a maximum bet when it is required to get a jackpot or win a bonus.

No matter what rules you decide to follow on how to play slots online for real money, apply wisdom. Wisdom is necessary and it demands that you draw a line for your losses when you lose and stay a winner when you win. Good luck!