Peggle HD game review – A pinball game with crazy score hits

Play this exciting and super fun Peggle HD Game on your iPad, Mac, PC or Nintendo DS. Clear all pegs using the Peggle Masters Magical Powers to achieve Ace score & enjoy hours of fun and entertainment.

I have to be dead honest with you, I didn't really know the Peggle HD game until I came across Peggle slots while playing at some of my favorite UK online casinos. I first played the video slot game at Heart Bingo and it immediately became one of my favorite slots.

Reading more about the game I realized it was based on an actual game which has nothing to do with slots and gambling. The Peggle HD game was actually developed by a company I'm almost certain you have heard of before, PopCap. If the name doesn't ring a bell let me tell you is the same company behind the super popular Plants vs Zombies , the no-less popular Bejeweled game plus over 16 more games that I honestly haven't had a chance to try.

My first impression of Peggle HD when I downloaded to my iPad was that it had some 90-ish kind of look, with lots of primary and high-contrast colors. I immediately associated the game with the usual pinball game, but let me tell you, there are very few similarities between the two games.

For starters, there are no flippers for you to control and hit the ball. You can't throw it back up and continue to make points as you do when playing pinball, but belief, you don't need these to have GREAT FUN playing the game.

Similar to a pinball game, in the Peggle game you also get a fixed amount of 10 balls to use. Instead of the ball just being thrown in a straight line our of the chamber, in Peggle HD you actually get to aim where you want the ball to go, and here's where things begin to get interesting.

A mix of Physics & Craziness to Win Win Win!

Screenshot image of the Peggle game's physicsThe first time I played the game I thought I had little control over the ball and its course but, boy was I wrong! It's true that once you let go of the ball, it will bounce of the pegs, the walls and any other ‘obstacle' in any given level/scenario and continue it's way down until it falls into the drain. But as I continue to play, and follow the tips, I realized there are ways to improve your chances of hitting more pegs, timing the ball to make it fall into the Free Ball Bucket, score higher points and make some impressive plays.

The aim of the game here is to score as many points as possible, and for that you will need to get creative with your shots, play each ball smartly and try some crazy shots. There are many ways to achieve this and what's really cool is that every time you play, it feels like a new game, so it never gets old. I will share with you a list of Tips for playing Peggle in a later blog post, so stay tuned.

I've always like game where there is some physics involved, like Worms, Angry Birds and the like; but perhaps my favorite thing about Peggle HD is the fact that PopCap managed to create an entertaining game where I always feel like a winner. It doesn't matter if you're a newbie or you've been playing it for months, every time you play there's this sense of excitement, triumph and epic wins.

Everything from the sound and visual effects, the animations and the game itself, spells winning. And I think the FeverMeter is a key element in the game. The Fevermeter goes up as you clear the pegs, the more pegs you clear, the higher the Fevermeter will go and the higher the multiplier for your score. Clear all pegs on any given level and you'll get the Ultra Extreme Fever for the ultimate score and quite a celebration will be displayed.

Unlock Masters for free.

Download Peggle for free

The Peggle HD game is available for free. You can download this game directly from PopCap Games and onto your PC or Mac computer.

Download Peggle free!

The Famous Peggle Masters / Teachers

Screenshot image of the Peggle game MastersIn this Peggle game, there's a total of 55 fun and challenging levels to conquer and 10 mystical teachers that you will gradually ‘unlock' as you play the game. Each level provides a unique scenario for you to hone your skills but also to use the Magic Powers of each master to achieve greatness and epic shots.

Each of the ten Peggle masters comes with it's own unique power which will come in handy during your play. At first you will be able to use only the Peggle master you have ‘unlocked' and that has been assigned to each level. Once you have completed the full Peggle training, you will be able to re-visit any level you choose to play and you will have a chance to pick which Peggle Master to use.

I know some of the things I'm talking about right now may not make much sense, but believe me, once you get started, it will all fall into place. Being able to pick your master provides an edge in the game, especially if you're playing the Duel Mode against any of your Facebook or Twitter friends.

Remember I said there are no ‘flippers' in the game? Well it's true but there's also one master, the French Master Claude (the crab) whose special power is to give you flippers so you can increase your chances of keeping the ball going for longer, bouncing the ball back up to clear more pegs and achieve higher scores.

Other Peggle masters will provide you with other great magical powers, like Tula Sun Flower who clears all pegs around the green peg when hit, but you will learn to take advantage of them and pick them based on the playing field. You will find a page for each of the masters on this Peggle Wiki website, so feel free to browse around and learn more about each of these whimsical teachers.

My conclusion of Peggle HD Game

My conclusion after playing this game (for weeks!) is simply: I LOVE IT! I mean it, I downloaded the game without expecting much but within a few levels I was hooked! I simply could not put down the iPad.

I played whenever I had a chance, while riding in the car, in my spare time, while visiting my parents, I mean I took every chance I had to rack up more and more bonuses, unlock more Masters and being as competitive as I (most of the time) can be, I just had to revisit each level to achieve Ace Score.

My suggestion to you is, DOWNLOAD IT NOW!! If you're into these type of games, I can safely say that you too will love playing Peggle HD; no doubt!

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