Rainbow Riches Cheats Sheet – How to boost your odds and win up to £250,000!

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Screenshot image showing a bonus won on Rainbow Riches slotsWith the advent of the internet, there has been an explosion in the proliferation of online casino websites. And not only that, but thousands upon thousands of different casino games are being designed every week. With that in mind it can seem daunting for certain players to choose one of these games because of the terrifyingly huge choice that they have. Imagine having millions of different choices, and you can only select one at a time.

Well, to be fair, there’s a great shortcut you can take while making this choice. And it comes in the form of positive or negative slot reviews for a certain game. And the consensus in the world of gaming is that the game called Rainbow to Riches is one of the best slot machine games you can play. It’s no wonder then why so many players are looking for the ultimate Rainbow Riches cheats sheet.

Now, many people think that you can’t cheat at the slot machines. They think that they are predesigned in order to scam you out of your money, and no matter what you try, you’ll always end up being poorer because of your willingness to play the slot machines. But this isn’t necessarily the case. People have indeed thought of some ways in which you can turn the odds in your favor when playing the slots. And such is the case with the before mentioned game called Rainbow to Riches. There are indeed some Rainbow to Riches cheats you can use. So this article will share with you some of these “cheats” that you can use in order to gain an edge over the house, and it will teach you all the Rainbow Riches Cheats you need to know..

Rainbow Riches Cheat 1 – Go for high RTP version of the slot.

Screenshot image of Rainbow Riches slot paybackComing up at number one is the play percentage. Technically this isn’t a cheat, but it’s a nice little addition to your knowledge arsenal which you can use in order to beat the system. The play percentage, also known as return to player (RTP), describes the percent of money that the machine pays out from what you bet on it, on average. And the play percentage is usually very high at the Rainbow Riches game, rising up to 96% at some games!

And herein lies the helpful trick you can use – steer clear from the lower RTP Rainbow Riches slot. You may find some machines pay out an average of 90%. This may seem insignificant as compared to the 96% RTP machines, the difference being “only” 6 percent, but in the long run you’ll definitely feel the difference. The 96% RTP machines will pay out a lot more money, and a lot more frequently on average than their 90% RTP counterparts. So bear that in mind when you’re about to select a Rainbow Riches game which you’re going to play.

Rainbow Riches Cheat 2 – Play the version that offers the best features.

Screenshot image of the Rainbow Riches slots gameSecond in line is the Rainbow Riches Cheats sheet for Pick and Mix. Now, for the uninitiated among you, Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix is a version of the game which combines the multiple stake and Mega Game options. One hint you can use in order to improve your odds comes in the form of a selection of features.

Typically features are something that enriches the game, as without the features most slot machine games would be bland copies of one another. There’s an option in the Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix game to select the number of features you’re willing to play with, and it can be up to three. The catch here is that the more features you select, the less chances you have of having a winning feature. And if you select only one feature, there is a much bigger chance of it bringing you profits.


Rainbow Riches Cheat 3 – Try the Golden Charms variation for a higher bonus win.

Screenshot image of Rainbow Riches Reel of Gold slotThe wishing wells bonus at the Rainbow Riches game. Many people feel that this is an extremely boring feature, because the prices here can be extremely low, as low as 2 pounds. If you’re extremely poor then you might think that this money can help you live out your day (but then again, if you’re extremely poor you wouldn’t want to play the slot machines), but in most other cases, this prize is negligible.

The maximum prizes for the wishing wells can be 15 pounds, 25 pounds, or 50 pounds. The 50 pound wishing well prize can be found on the Golden Charms variation of the Rainbow to Riches game, the 25 pound prize is on the Fields of Gold variation, and the 15 pound prize can be found on most of the other variations of Rainbow to Riches. Except by selecting the Golden Charms variation of the game, there is no other way in which you can influence how big your price will be. But you can let the game time-out select the price for you, and even though it’s entirely random, you can still indulge in the fun and excitement that comes with leaving the choice up to chance.

Rainbow Riches Cheat 4 – The £20 Super Spin trick.

The Rainbow Riches cheats method of using pure pots. This method is really simple, but really dangerous as well. If you win you can win big, and the converse is true, in the case of losing. What you need to do in order to try out this method is to select the 20 pound super spins option. And this option is only available in the bookies version of the game Rainbow Riches. The best thing about the super spins is that they increase the winning percentage of the machine from 92% to 94%. Again, this might seem like a really small, statistically negligible increase, but we assure you that it can spell out the difference between you going home rich, or broke.

And the super spins make the pots both wild, and sticky. The stickiness is important here, as the pots are going to stick in place for the rest of your super spins. So if you happen to hit one or two pots during your first super spin, then you’ll need only one more hit for the remainder of the spins in order to leave the machine with profit. And because there are no other features selected, you’ll have even bigger chances of winning. The cons of the method are that at a 20 pounds per spin, this can easily turn into extremely expensive method if lady luck doesn’t serve you. So what you want to do beforehand is to place a cap on how much money you can use on this method. For example, if you lose more than 200 pounds, you must stand up and leave, dealing with the fact that it’s all a part of gambling, and that it must happen from time to time.

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And this Rainbow Riches cheats list on some hints and cheats you can use in order to improve your odds in the game of Rainbow Riches comes to its end. Of course, there are many other proposed ways in which you should be able to improve your odds (some are effective, some are outright scams), and we recommend to you to investigate for yourself in order to find the best ones.

Now, the good thing is that you can play this game with a bonus, which combined with the tricks mentioned, gives you an even higher edge over the house. And you can claim this bonus in the form of a £20 free promo code at various different UK slot sites such as Jackpotjoy and Virgin Games. You can browse the full list of Barcrest casinos here. So, happy playing!