Want to be better at playing slots? Read this quick slot machine cheat sheets.

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Slot machines are arguably the easiest game to play at a casino. Playing slots is as easy as spinning the reel and crossing your fingers. Since slot games don’t require any strategy or playing experience, they are a very attractive casino game for beginners.

Slots are random, and there is no way to predict when one will win and when one will lose. However, there are some things that can be done to increase the chances of winning at slots. Here are three online slot machine cheats to help increase the chances of winning. These tips are interchangeable with fruit machine cheats. These are not tips on how to actually cheat at the slots. Cheating at slot machines is both impossible and illegal.

1.- Set your winnings /losing limits.

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Setting Limits

The first tip for winning on slots is to set a monetary limit. Setting a limit for a particular day will ensure that there is enough money to play slots for a longer amount of time. The longer one plays, the higher their chances are of winning on slots.

Remember, slot machines can be fun, and a lot of money can be won, but it’s important to not let gambling get out of control. Set limits and stick to those limits.

An easy way to help you stick to a set limit is to play with coins rather than bills. Coins will help slow down the game, and help to visualize how much money is being put into the machine.

2.- Play slots with features that match your expectations.

Tiki Temple slots free spins

Tiki Temple free spins bonus game during play.

The second tip is to look for machines with more than one feature. Many machines offer bonuses (Chuzzle slots), multiplied payouts (Rainbow Riches slots, Cleopatra slot) , free spins (Thunderstruck 2 slot) and progressive jackpots (Mega Moolah slots). A progressive jackpot basically means that the jackpot increases every time the machine is played.

To win a progressive jackpot, the maximum number of coins must be wagered in almost every case; unless your playing progressive Jackpot games like Wonderland slots or Deal or No Deal slots from Gamesys. If you don’t not have enough money to pay the maximum bet each time, it is best to choose a machine with a lower maximum bet so that there is a chance of winning the jackpot.

Tiki Temple slots, available at Jackpotjoy with a £55 promo code bonus, is a really good example of slot games with huge Jackpots that you can play for as little as 20p per spin (min coin size is 1p!). Diamond Bonanza slot is another great game you can play for as little as 25p per line on this awesome 5-paylines Jackpot Slot Game. Choosing a machine with these types of features will provide a much greater chance of winning as well as a higher payout, all without breaking the bank.

3.Hey, don’t push the Lady!

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I get enough exercise just pushing my luck

The third, and perhaps most difficult tip to remember, is to not push your luck. When you’re on a winning streak, it can be very tempting to begin increasing wagers in an attempt to increase those winnings. Just remember, slot machines are random, and there is no predicting when someone will win or lose. Be cautious and smart when playing, and don’t get caught up in a winning spree.

There are many “Slot Winning Systems” featuring the so-called Proven Techniques on how to cheat the slots. One of these techniques explains Standard Deviation and how to manually calculate the SD of any given slot machine. Be careful with this technique; while the underlying mathematical explanation may be accurate in real life you’ll discover games don’t behave in such a predictable manner.