Double Bubble Slot Machine Wedding Favor

Today I wanted to write a blog post about this super cool gum dispenser machine that is very popular for weddings but I’m sure that it could also be a great piece of decoration for your home, office or any space where you want to add a bit of colour, favour with a casino spin.

This popular toy is known as ‘Las Vegas Wedding Favor Double Bubble Gumball Slot Machine Gumball Dispensers’, check it out.

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[h2 align=’left’]The Double Bubble Slot Machine Wedding Favor[/h2]

The Double Bubble Slot Machine Wedding Favor is a fun and unique gum dispanser machine that takes advantage of the popularity of the flavour-filled Double Bubble gum which has won the hearts of adults and youngsters since it was first sold to the public back in the 1930’s.

The gum dispenser is basically a casino slot machine branded with the colours and logo of the popular Double Bubble gum which dispenses a Double Bubble gum ball with every spin of the wheels.

As you can see in the picture, the machine can come with personalized stickers if you’re thinking of buying one for a wedding. This Double Bubble slot machine is a perfect addition to your wedding decoration and is a great way to add a nice and colourful treat for your guest regardless of their age, but specially for the youngest ones.

This slot machine gumball dispenser comes loaded with eight double bubble gumballs which are 1/4″ in size and are contained in a plastic bag inside the dispenser.

This Double Bubble Slot machine gumball dispenser is definitely the most rewarding, generous and tastiest slot machine of them all. Hitting the Jackpot at this slot machine, fruit-machine or pokie machine as our Australian friends would call it, is as easy as pulling on the handle and spinning the reels. Unlike its casino cousins, this machine will reward the player on EVERY spin, thus giving your guest, friends or children a fun way to get a chewy treat without breaking the bank or having to wait for that lucky spin to come by.

Personally I think that this machine would also be perfect for an office lobby, specially for those who work in the gambling industry, as nice and original touch to greet your clients, providers, employees and visitors. I’m thinking of getting one for my own studio, as fan of Double Bubble Slot (the online game), this would be a perfect fit. I only wish there was a version of this toy where you actually had to get a payline combination to get your gum, but hey, one can’t complain about getting your candy easy and for free, right?

If you fancy getting one of this either for your wedding, social event, office or home, it’s up for sell on Ebay UK for £19.54

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